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Why Art-Themed Mini-Camps Are Lifesavers

For working parents, childcare is a critical part of their ability to juggle career and parenting responsibilities. Simply put, without a solid childcare schedule, parents wouldn’t be able to work. Which is why having a child in a school system is such a boon to parents with career aspirations. It’s a win-win! You know your kids are learning and developing, all while being able to invest in your own professional development.

It gets a little dicey, though, when the school schedule goes pear-shaped. There are, after all, more than a few off days over the course of the academic year. Election day, parent-teacher conference day, and various federal holidays, to name a few. All of these are important and should be honored, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily have the bandwidth to take an entire day off to be with your school-less kiddos. Who are you, Ferris Bueller? If any of this sounds familiar, you’ll be glad to know that a solution exists, and it’s as simple as Googling “art mini camp near me.” These short term art camps are there to solve your childcare needs on days when school is closed but your Zoom meetings are still on.

Enrichment On Days Off

Perhaps the best part of an art mini camp is the knowledge that your kids are not only getting entertainment, they’re getting enrichment as well. Trying to juggle the demands of a work schedule with being present for your kids is an exercise in futility; you either end up disappointing your kids or your boss. Instead, by signing them up for a day of art classes you’re making sure that they are having fun, learning, and getting the most out of an otherwise empty day. This is especially true for creative-minded children, but any kid will enjoy the freedom of an abstract painting class or a lesson in slime art. Meanwhile, you can knock items off your to-do list.

A Trusted Team

Sure, you could set your kids up with some colored pencils and paper at home, but that’s not exactly the same as enjoying the expertise of professional art teachers. A day or so at minicamp with a team of teachers who are expert at their craft is rewarding in itself, whether your child is experimenting with paper mache or watercolors. Art minicamp is a way to ensure that, even when your kids have a day off of school, they are still spending time with instructors who are opening their minds and inspiring them to think creatively.

Happy Kids, Happy Parents

At the end of the day, all parents want is happy, bright-eyed kids who have had a great day. Spending the day killing time because it’s a federal holiday isn’t exactly a recipe for a day of fun, and that doesn’t make anyone happy. One way to make sure the whole house is staying on track, grounded in a routine, and excited about how the day is spent is to make sure the kids are in an educational, inspiring environment on those dreaded days off. The whole week goes more smoothly when our work and learning schedules aren’t overly interrupted.

Holes in the schedule can be disruptive and throw everyone in the house off their A game, and hiring a babysitter for a full day is expensive and not particularly enriching for your little ones. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to glance at the academic schedule for the year and fill in the holes with mini camps. Give yourself the peace that comes with knowing your kids are cared for and learning, even if the schools are closed.


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