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Want to do more in your home or business but not quite sure where to turn?


We have started a petition to help motivate the Village of Ardsley to require retail businesses to provide accessible recycling bins for customers to use. 

Please help us by signing our online petition here!

Recycling Logo

We started this page to provide people with a transparent look into what exactly we are doing, and also provide some tips and resources for anyone looking to do a bit more. We know we can't do this alone. We need as many people and businesses to join this fight, which is why we created this page. We hope this makes it easier for anyone who wants to take another step in protecting our children's future. 


(Please note, we have no partnerships with the below companies. We are simply sharing what we have learned and the products we have grown to trust for quality and cost.)



Large Garbage Bags


  • We use 33 gallon "plastic bags" made of 'Controlled Life-Cycle Plastic' 

  • The material has similar performance of plastic bags, but are modified to accelerate aging to the natural bio-cycle

  • You won't notice a different anywhere but in the price. However, we go through so many bags that we can't imagine not using these bags

  • Where we buy them: large garbage bags

Small Garbage Bags


  • Just like the bigger ones, these bags break down, unlike real plastic

  • Made of corn starch and are quite strong (can't even tell) they aren't real plastic

  • Where we buy them: small garbage bags

Collecting Garbage in Park


For tablecloths we had to sacrifice a bit, but in the end it wasn't so bad. Plastic tablecloths have so many themes available, while paper just doesn't have that many available. Plus, some paper tablecloths are actually lined with plastic so you have to be careful!

If everyone starts buying paper tablecloths (and stops buying plastic!) we can motivate companies to start making all the variations in paper.

Paper Table Cover.png


We use biodegradable, compostible, forks and spoons that even look and feel like plastic:


Where we buy them:

Disposable Cutlery


We decided to go with the Single-Cup Keurig after a failed attempt with pots of coffee and we found a way to make our Keurig Slim machine support our planet! Here's what we use:




When single servings of water are necessary and good old NY’s finest won’t suffice, we offer single servings of water in plant based, recyclable boxes.



Recyclable juice-boxes 


We could save some money by going to Costco and buying 10 big jugs of juice, but we are talking about maybe $50 in savings a month - and we go through a lot of juice! If we can’t afford an extra $50 to help make the future a little safer for the very customers we are serving we are doing something very wrong. 

Apple Juice Boxes for Honest Art


We used plastic cups in some of our projects, as well as in certain parties, before coming across these compostable babies! We LOVE these cups because...


  • They look and feel like plastic

  • They are 100% plant based and biodegradable

  • Where to purchase: compostable cups

Image by engin akyurt


The other thing we did was ban single-use plastics in the studio. We don't use them, and we don't allow anyone else to use them in the studio. 

What else do we do?

  • We recycle plastics, aluminum, paper and plastic film

  • We have to take the film to a supermarket each week, but with the amount of products that come wrapped in plastic film we feel it's a must-do.

  • You know all those plastic bags you get your shipments from Amazon in? They are recyclable!! Take them to your supermarket and do your part to protect planet for our children and their children!

We are still learning and are always up for a conversation or tips from people who have ideas as to how we can do better! If you have any suggestions, please email us at or give us a call at 914-309-9334. 

Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko
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