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Why Art Camp is the Best place to Make Friends This Summer

It’s been a long few years for parents and kids. Between school closures, quarantines, and arguments over whether to mask or not, sometimes it seems like every playdate has become more complicated than it needs to be. Sometimes it’s hard for parents to watch as the regular activities our kids would have enjoyed get canceled. Social distancing is taking a toll on our little ones, who may find it harder to navigate social situations than kids who grew up pre-COVID would.

Thankfully, summer is just around the corner! The days are getting a little bit sunnier, cities are opening up, and activities are staying open. Now is the moment to think about how you and your family can make up for lost time, build bonds with new friends, and find meaningful ways to expand your circle of loved ones. For kids, there’s no better place to do all that than at a specialized summer camp. Whether your child loves soccer or sculpture, spending time with kids who share a common passion is great for social development. Here are a few reasons why art camp is the best place for making forever friends.

Birds of a Feather

Spending time with people who just get you is a significant experience. This is always true, but it may be especially powerful for kids who haven’t spent time with anyone lately, besides their siblings. Stepping out of the stress of a school year and into the warm embrace of art camp may be just the thing your child needs in order to feel the power of a sense of belonging. Each day, they will show up and take part in new, exciting art projects. Each art project will present the opportunity to get to know their peers better, and they’re far more likely to get along with those peers, seeing as all the campers are excited about art and creativity!

Collaboration and Cooperation

It’s not enough just to be in the same room as other kids who also love what you love (although that’s a great start). You could do that at chess camp, too. What’s special about art summer camp is that the activities at hand lend themselves naturally to collaboration and cooperation. Sure, some of the time kids are each working on their own creative craft, but they also work together on group projects. These group art projects are, of course, guided by an expert faculty who help turn them into opportunities to foster connections. Art camp is about a sense of connectivity—both to a child’s inner self and to the other campers.

Memories and Mementoes

One thing we all take with us after summer camp is the memories we made. If you were at basketball camp, you may remember the feeling of winning the deciding game of the summer, for example. The thing about art camp, however, is that you get to take home both memories and mementoes. The paintings, sculptures, and illustrations you made with friends at art camp literally stay with you into the fall and winter, reminding you of all the fun and friendships. These, in turn, encourage kids to stay in touch. After all, you don’t make a friendship bracelet for just anyone! The bracelet, or the collaborative painting, or the tie-dyed shirt all serve as a physical reminder of the relationships made at summer camp and keep them strong throughout the following year.

Summer is the time for fun with friends, and our kids deserve to enjoy this season with pals old and new. If you have a creative kid, art camp might be the best place for finding a gaggle of new besties to last a lifetime.

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