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Celebrate The Little Picasso In Your Life with A Pour Painting Party!

The perfect balance of mess, fun and creativity!

Summer’s not canceled! After a year of hunkering down for the pandemic, kids more than parents are excited to celebrate birthday parties that are not Zoom, return to summer camps, and indulge in all activities outdoors. This post-vaccine summer excitement is real! And if you are planning to celebrate your little one’s birthday, it’s time you do it in style this year! We suggest, skip the traditional altogether and let the kids get creative with tons of colors. A pour painting birthday party is in our mind. Painting parties would be double as an activity and theme without breaking the bank. And if you’re worried about your kid’s creative potential, this one’s just right.

What’s Pour Painting?

All kids naturally love exploring, mixing, and playing with colors, be it crayons or paintbrushes. Pour painting gives them the freedom to express and experiment with colors. The little ones will not only have loads of fun but will end up creating a masterpiece they’re going to be proud of. You wouldn’t need to plan more when kids are busy painting.

Pour Painting is going with the flow, literally! It needs no drawing, no paintbrushes, and no artistic skills. They are just pouring the paint on a canvas to create abstract art. Our very talented and amiable artists walk the little ones with easy tips for mixing colors and creating art. It’s a great opportunity for kids to let loose, get messy, and create freely. The premise that each child is painting his own masterpiece is appealing in itself! And who knows, just like Freddie Linsky, your little one could be auctioning his art at a gallery someday.

“I'm glad my daughter has such a great teacher. In the craziness of everything going on in the world, it's important to focus on the therapeutic aspects of creativity. My Daughter also presented her Fathers' Day painting for me... it's simply stunning!”- Robert B. from Yonkers, New York

“It’s very therapeutic and better than just another party where kids are playing old-school games.”- Jasmine from New Jersey.

Bring the fun; we’ll take care of the rest.

Our all-inclusive pour painting parties bring the fun directly to you, be it virtually, in-person, private, group, on-site or off-site. Choose a package according to the size of your group and interest on the Honest Art website. Options include 60 mins to 90 mins starting at only $65. So rest assured, your little one is sure to feel special.

We get smocks, an art kit, and all other supplies for the little artists. But, of course, they are sure to splatter paint on their clothes, so it’s always good to have them dressed in clothes you don’t mind getting the color on. So, two scoops of yellow, a scoop of red, and let the fun begin.


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