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Join the After School Fun at Honest Art!

Far beyond just an art class, Honest Art's after-school programs provide children with a rich creative experience in an array of exciting media. Plus, your kids get guided homework time. Now your evening family time isn't spent trying to remember how to do long division! 

We also offer pick up service from Concord Road. Please call the office to reserve your space.

Program Details & Options

Honest Art Acrylic Painting Party

Art Classes

Up to 3 hours


Guided Homework Time 

Up to one hour

(Optional, no additional fee)


Free for Unlimited Members ($299/month)

Register soon as we fill up fast!


Clay and Sculpture

Get your hands dirty with some experiential experimentation! Children will use clay, wire, paper mache, and more to create innovative, unique sculptures. Under the guidance of their expert instructors they’ll learn about different materials and express their creative ideas in new ways. Each child will go home with a personal masterpiece. 


Mixed Media, Crafting, and Collage

Welcome to an unparalleled exploration of diverse materials. Children will engage with acrylic and watercolor paints, as well as oil and chalk pastels, fabric, colored pencils, and even wood. By delving into diverse textures, participants will be able to create pieces singular to themselves. Honest Art’s skilled instructors will guide children in the art of artistic collaboration, working together on collages, drawings, and more.


Creative Painting

Participants in this class will master foundational painting techniques, but that’s not all! Children will also be encouraged to express their creative selves within these skills. Instructors artfully maintain a balance between teaching the ways of the paintbrush and nurturing a child’s creative spirit, creating a harmony unique to the Honest Art experience.


Slime Art

Slime encourages wonder and joy, offering an artistic way to evoke your child's senses while having fun. Children will have the chance to engage in a new sensory experience and learn about unusual textures. The variety of slime textures, colors and consistencies encountered evoke joy, excitement, and creativity in kids of all ages. 

Art Jumble
Push your child's creativity and open up their own unique ideas to collaborate and inspire one another. Students will use a wide variety of materials such as acrylic paints, water color, Oil & Chalk Pastels, Colored Pencils, paper, fabrics, clay, Pipe cleaners, yarn, wood material and more. Projects will vary from week to week, driven by feedback from the group. 


Drawing, Cartoon Illustration, and Manga (Anime)

This introductory course is a must for your budding animator. Whether your child doodles in the margins of their notebook or loves the distinct, influential Japanese drawing styles that have taken the globe by storm, this is the class for them. Learn the magic of manga and the art of anime so you can create your own characters!


Abstract in Acrylics

This class will introduce students to the magic of abstract painting. Children will use the many-textured marvel that is acrylic paint to create (and take home!) emotional masterpieces that express their creative minds in their most genuine form. Instructors are experts at teaching the delicate art of building layers, among other painting techniques, all of which can be applied in multiple styles of painting.


Introduction to Fashion Design

If your child loves fashion, don’t miss this class! Learn key drawing techniques to fully realize your own sense of style. Using paper, colored pencils, and fabrics, participants will explore the traditional and the edgy, pushing their boundaries to explore the many aesthetics in the fashion world. This class was created by international designer, Liza Cruz, bringing global design expertise to the classroom.

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